Welcome to SFD!

Welcome to Slow Frugal Deliberate, my little corner of the internet.  I am excited to get to know you.  On this site, I plan to write about how to live a slower, more deliberate life, and how to do so with a budget.

To briefly introduce myself, I live in NH near the VT border with my husband, four of my six kids (two have grown and flown the nest), a dog, a cat, and a small flock of chickens.  I practice living a slow, frugal, deliberate life by cooking traditional foods, meditation, reading, learning about feng shui, and trying to allow the Law of Attraction to bring good things into my life.

I will share budgeting tips, better feeling perspectives on life situations, and fun stuff like recipes and crafts with you.  I will even dabble in politics and religion on occasion, since they really shape my world view and who I am.  I am going to start by posting twice a week and see where that takes us.  On Tuesdays I will have a regular post on any of a number of topics, and Thursdays will be a series on gratitude.

I would love to hear from you, and I look forward to building a community here where we all learn from and support each other.


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