New Beginnings {Thankful Thursday}

Some weeks it is really easy to find things to be grateful for.  Other weeks I spend waiting for inspiration to strike with that one Wow! moment that just screams to be shared.  I end up on Wednesday night thinking, ‘I know I have lots to be grateful for, so why can’t I write anything?’  This is one of those latter weeks.  I could ooh and ahh over the beautiful sunsets, or the fact that I have actually been getting enough sleep this week for a change.  I could gush about school being back in session or about more personal things that I’m just not ready to share publicly yet.  So here I am on Wednesday night racking my brain to come up with something to be truly and deeply grateful for.

I was going to write about how glad I am that today is over, with my truck breaking down and needing to be towed 20 miles to my mechanic, and a payment I received being smaller than expected, and having to possibly cancel an engagement this weekend due to a monkey wrench in the plans.  But that would be whining, not being grateful, and they are opposite energies.  I want this series to be about feeling good.  We can’t complain about something and feel good about it at the same time.  It just doesn’t work.

Starting over

Not five minutes after I sat down to write, my bestie gave me some amazing news.  Someone very close to her has taken a courageous step to transform her life, and it was triggered by an article I had shared on my personal Facebook account.  When she told me, I got tingles all over.  This woman was in a hard place, and I am so glad that she can now start her life over.  She can find happiness for herself.

I rebuilt my own life six years ago, and it is the best thing I ever did.  It was also one of the hardest.  To start fresh, to wipe the slate clean, to begin again is so freeing.  Our past can only hold us back if we let it.  I came across a quote from Tana Amen who said, “Your history doesn’t have to be your destiny.”  It matters not where you are coming from, only where you are going.  Thank God for that.  I recently saw a video of a Chinese man who recreated his life and was doing amazing things at 80.  It is never too late to start again.Your history doesn't have to be your destiny. Tana Amen

Always available

New beginnings don’t have to be so extreme as making over your whole life.  You don’t have to quit your job or leave your spouse or move to a foreign country to find a new beginning.  Sometimes those are the new beginnings that you need, but sometimes you just need the clean slate of a good night’s sleep and a fresh new day.  We can have that every 24 hours if we want.  We could even go take a nap and sneak an extra new day into the middle of the old one.  If you just can’t wait for the sun to set and rise again, do that.  Go take a nap for a half hour or however long you need.  Then get up, put on a fresh new outfit and start again.

Your turn

Have you given yourself a new beginning recently?  Was it a major one or a minor one?  Did you reset your whole life, or just your mood at the time?

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