Hot running water {Thankful Thursday}

As you may remember from my post on washing dishes, we lost our water heater a few days ago.  We expected to receive a considerable amount of money the next day, so we went about researching hot water heaters.  We naively thought that we would go to the store, purchase a water heater, bring it home in our Suburban, hook it up and plug it in.  Ha!

Heat pumps

We thought we would get a heat pump water heater since my father-in-law highly recommends them.  We then found that we could get a rebate on it from our electric company.  Perfect!  Let’s go find one.  Oh dear.  They cost 5 times as much as a regular electric water heater.  Well, the rebate will offset about 1/3 of the cost, so it will only be about 3 times as much.  Hm.  The brand we can find locally is known for being very noisy.  We have enough noise around here, thank you.  Let’s check out the reviews to find a quieter one.  The nearest one of that brand is at a store an hour and a half away.  (55 miles of mountains, for those who don’t measure distance in hours.)

Double check the rebate info to make sure this one will qualify.  What?  A professional has to install it for it to qualify?  So much for DIY.  Sigh.  Call up the store and wait while they see if any of their contractors are willing to even come out and look at my basement.  Nope.  Too far away.  Time to find a local plumber.  He can come out on Saturday morning if we can wait that long.  Doesn’t look like we have much choice.


The next day we discovered that we will be receiving our money on the following Monday.  Sigh.  Go to local hardware store to see what they have in stock.  Impatient Me doesn’t want to be without hot running water for a whole week.  Patient Me is nowhere to be found.  She is probably off socializing with Organized Me, drinking tea and knitting while discussing self-help books.  Perhaps we should just get a regular water heater and save up for the heat pump variety later.  Yes, that would be a very good thing.  That will get us hot water sooner and allow us to maybe build a winter coop for our chickens who are still spending their nights in a dog crate covered with a blanket.

Time to buy the water heater.  Oh, we can’t transport it in the Suburban because you mustn’t lay them flat.  They have to stay upright to prevent damage.  The Suburban is about 12″ too short.  Arrange for the hardware store to deliver it sometime before Saturday when the plumber will be there.


Head home to get a call from the plumber asking if we have the heater yet because he has an opening in his schedule right now.  No, we are waiting for the local store to deliver it.  The plumber offered to go pick it up for us (he was heading to that town anyway before coming over) and bring it back and install it.  Yay!

Now we have 45 minutes to realize that there is no way any water heater is getting into our basement.  The only access to the basement is through the kitchen, and the stairs head straight to the foundation wall before turning 90 degrees to finish the descent.  They are steep.  The sewer pipe runs along that same wall.  There is a railing that allows only about 2′ of space to walk through, minus the sewer pipe.  No problem for empty-handed people.  Big problem for giant boxed water heater.

The stairs after removing the near side railing

Hot running water

Time to break out the crowbars and hammers.  My husband took down that well constructed 2×4 railing and we decided to make it removable when we are ready to put it back up.  He had just enough time before the plumber arrived.  An hour or so later and we had hot running water again!  Glorious hot water!  The angels sang.water heater

I love hot running water.  It is so nice for showering.  The dishwasher functions way better with water in the pipes rather than air.  The sink can be easily filled to a lovely hand washing temperature.  I am so delighted to have hot running water again.


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