My favorite resources to transform your life

One of the great things about the internet is the vast array of resources that are now available to us.  Today I want to share some of my favorites with you.  They range in topic and format, but they have all been life-changing for me.


The Weston A. Price Foundation “is dedicated to restoring nutrient-dense foods to the human diet through education, research and activism.”  When I first discovered this foundation back in 2004, I finally felt vindicated in my belief that old fashioned foods were better for us than modern foods.  Low-fat be damned, I loved the idea of the Sunday roast.  I implemented just a couple of the suggestions in their cookbook, Nourishing Traditions, and immediately lost weight without noticing.  I just turned around one day and my pants fell down.  I stepped on the scale to discover that I had lost about 30 pounds in a few short months.  That wasn’t my goal, but it was a nice side effect.  My goal was to just to optimize my health.  I didn’t have any major health concerns at the time, so I can’t even say I was striving to overcome any nasty diseases.  I was pretty healthy overall, I had four kids ages 8 months to 9 years who were reasonably healthy (at that point we had dealt with maybe two or three ear infections, chicken pox twice, and a couple of 24-hour bugs, and one complication from an injury).  I guess what I am saying is that I didn’t follow their advice because I felt I had to, I did it because it just felt right to me.

In the past twelve years, my family has lost very little time at school or work due to illness.  We are very healthy compared to the rest of the community.  My husband’s tooth pain reversed itself once he joined us in this diet and started eating a quart of raw yogurt each day at work.  I arrested the dental decay that arose from years without dental insurance.  I was so successful that when I recently got insurance, I had 5 cavities and three crowns that needed to be done.  One of those crowns was from an incident back when I was twenty, long before I improved my diet.  I went for 13 years without insurance, and I have a ravenous sweet tooth.

I could go on and on, but I’m not trying to run their advertising campaign.  I will say that their cookbook is a must-have, I love listening to their weekly podcast, and their website is chock full of all the info you need to get started eating a slow, nutrient dense diet.


This category is harder for me to choose a favorite.  However, one that has had one of the most dramatic effects on me has been Six Figures Under.  I only discovered it recently, but it has profoundly changed my life.  Because of what I have read there, we are making great strides to stabilizing ourselves financially.  Stephanie’s monthly budget reports are encouraging, and it feels like she really cares about her readers in every one of her emails and blog posts.  Usually, when I find blogs about personal finance, I feel like the author can’t really relate to me.  Their idea of low income and mine often don’t jive.  I can’t relate to someone who thinks that $20k/year for one person is a hardship.  But I know that Stephanie gets it.  She also has a large family, and their starting income was only slightly higher than my family’s.  She and her husband also had a larger debt mountain to scale than my husband and I do, even counting our mortgage.  Stephanie is an example that I can truly look up to and see that my finances are not insurmountable.

After reading her blog, we are motivated to take control of our finances using new tools that I discovered through her site.  We are refinancing our mortgage to consolidate our debt and reduce our interest payments.  We are learning that there is a difference between forecasting your check register and actually budgeting.  Budgeting is much more powerful.  I have explored some of her ideas on making some money on the side.  They haven’t reached fruition yet, but they are still in very nascent stages, and all good things take time.  I highly recommend checking out her blog.


I have two favorites in this category.


The first is Deliberate Receiving.  Melody has such an honest, approachable way of explaining the Law of Attraction (LoA) in a way that “finally makes some freakin’ sense.”  Her humor is great, and she can tackle tough topics like politics in a way that does not diminish anyone.  Her entire site is uplifting and empowering.  I had watched The Secret, only to come to the conclusion that the entire movie was just a teaser trailer for something bigger.  For a few years I tried to pull the secret out of The Secret, but I finally understood it after finding Melody’s blog.  I especially love the times when she dives deep into the esoteric aspects of LoA, “down the rabbit hole,” as she puts it.

The advice I learned from Melody helped us manifest the home we have now.  I learned how to face my fears, and listen to what my emotions were telling me.  It can be really tricky to pay attention sometimes.  One time we were interested in a particular property and by the time we had a chance to go look at it, it was under contract.  My first reaction was, “I never get what I want.”  Reading her blog enabled me to face that feeling and analyze it and accept it.  Before Melody, I would most likely have immediately cast that thought from my mind with the admonition that the word “never” automatically falsified the statement.  That is one of the cues that I was facing an inner stumbling block.  “Always” and “never” are usually false statements and best applied to laws of physics, rather than life experiences.  I was able to move past that and just three months later we closed on our house.  This is my first time as a homeowner, and what a game-changer it is.


The other resource I wanted to share in this category is My Seven Chakras, a podcast about personal and spiritual development.  Aditya posts a new podcast three times a week so that there is always something new to listen to.  I especially love listening while I’m driving.  “Going into town” usually means a half hour drive each direction, and with all the episodes lasting 30-60 minutes, Aditya is the perfect driving companion.

The topics he covers include meditation, feng shui, decluttering, qi gong and yoga, EFT, LoA, addiction, weight loss, hydration, financial independence, you name it.  Two episodes in particular prompted a radical change for me.  One was on decluttering, and one was on feng shui.  The feng shui expert who was interviewed talked about healing her body with feng shui, which I had never heard of before.  Because of that, I looked for more feng shui information.  I learned a little bit more about feng shui, and asked my husband to help me rearrange our bedroom.  We implemented just a few tips.  We fixed the broken closet rod, moved the bed to a different location, cleared out under the bed, and did some decluttering.  It isn’t completely decluttered, but it is better than it was.  Three nights later, my husband and I switched our places in the bed because we found that we weren’t sleeping well.  Before the rearrangement, we were both sleeping in the “recognition” area of our room, directly in front of the door.  After moving I was in the “abundance” area and he was in the “family” area and we just didn’t sleep well at all.  Once we switched, we were more naturally in the areas associated with our roles in the family and we sleep much better now.  This gives us more energy and has prompted my husband to really do some self-improvement of his own, most notably cleaning up his home office and considering more education.

I really cannot recommend these websites enough.  Please to pay them a visit and see if they have anything to offer you.  What are your favorite resources on the internet?  Please share them in the comments below.

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