The answer is always “yes”

I had an epiphany today.  I love having epiphanies.  Today’s epiphany was about the nature of the Universe and how the answer is always yes.  Why, yes, I do think about the Law of Attraction a lot.  I have observed it at work so often in my life that I can’t deny its perfection.  I know I talk incessantly about it, but it has transformed my life and I want to share it with everyone.  There is no fanatic like a convert.

Law of Attraction

Some things that I have deliberately used Law of Attraction to receive into my life are my husband, a home of our own, sewing commissions, a puppy, a part-time work-from-home income, a TV, and myriad “little” things.  Some things I have unconsciously used LoA to manifest are my children, lots of last-minute financial rescues and probably way more things than I can even imagine.  The vast majority of my life experiences, to be precise.  One thing I have really struggled with, though, is my relationship with money.  I have never tried to hide this, and freely talk about it here.  It is why Frugal is part of this blog’s name.

Three steps

According to the LoA masters, there are three steps to working with the Law of Attraction.  The first step is to ask the Universe (or God or whatever concept is most comfortable to you) for what you want.  This is very easy.  No one has trouble saying, “I could really use XYZ right now.”  The second step is for the Universe/God to deliver your request.  This is really easy for Universe/God to do and is *always* granted.  The third step is the tricky step, and the one where we can get ourselves into trouble.  This is when we allow God’s gift into our life.  For some things, this is really easy.  For others, this is really hard.  It is not hard for God to deliver, only for us to receive.

Did someone order pizza?

In order for us to receive the gifts of the Universe, we have to allow it to come into our life.  Not force, not manipulate, just allow.  Imagine that you are in a house, and you order pizza.  It is no problem for the pizza delivery guy to come to your house and bring your pizza.  But, you have to open the door and receive it.  Some of us have a hard time opening the door for the delivery guy.  We have put up lots of locks and barricades against the door out of fear that something other than pizza might come in.  We then sit in our house and demand that the pizza guy bring the pizza in, even though we have locked him out.  If we just get up and unlock the door, we can receive the wonderful pizza that we ordered.

The epiphany that I had today is that the pizza delivery guy keeps trying to deliver the pizza.  If we don’t answer the door, he will go around and knock at the back door.  If we don’t answer there, he will knock at a window.  Again, if we don’t answer there, our supernaturally patient and persistent pizza delivery guy will just try window after window, then try the cat door, then try the front door again and again and again until we finally let him deliver the pizza.

The more things change, the more they stay the same

As I said, I struggle with allowing money in my life.  I have noticed that my emotions about money were the same when I was supporting 8 people on less than $800/month cash plus food stamps, section 8 housing vouchers, and energy assistance (approximately $35k/year total) as when I was supporting 4 people on $40k+/year ten years earlier.  Less money for twice the number of people.  I had the same exact emotional struggles.  I allowed in just enough money to feel like we could just survive, but I couldn’t let in enough for us to really thrive and enjoy life.

It doesn’t really have anything to do with the exact amount of money.  It is all about my emotions about money.  Today I realized that every time I have asked for more money, the Universe has delivered, but I have kept the door locked against it.  Of course, I wasn’t doing this on purpose.  I didn’t know I was doing it at all.

What is money?

Once I learned about LoA, I understood at some level that I was doing it, but I didn’t know how.  I also understood that I had deep-rooted emotions about the evil of money.  Intellectually, I know that money is merely a tool.  Money amplifies a person’s character, but it does not change it.  I decided that what I needed to do to shift my thinking about money was to find people who were wealthy and were good people and lived a lifestyle I would actually like to live.


I am not drawn to a lifestyle that involves private jets, or fancy yachts, or multi-million dollar mansions.  Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous was not a show I was ever interested in watching.  I like to think that I am a simple person.  Not a simpleton, but I enjoy the simple things in life.  I don’t care about bling, or designer clothes.  Give me LL Bean.  Jeans, T-shirts, flannels and wool socks make me happy.  I would be terrified of wearing Armani or Christian Dior.  What if I spilled something on it?  When stains and I battle in the laundry room, stains almost always win.

So whose wealthy lifestyle would I enjoy emulating?  After some serious thought, I realized that I wanted to be like Richard Branson and JK Rowling.  They started from nothing, and built their fortunes with their own two hands.  They are also philanthropists, using their wealth to make the world a better place.  I especially admire JK Rowling for giving away so much money that she lost her billionaire status.

Millionaires everywhere

I was invited to a wonderful Halloween party, and the theme was millionaires.  Everyone was encouraged to come dressed as a millionaire, and as I was putting my outfit together, I thought about what kind of millionaire I wanted to be.  What kind of lifestyle would I have if I were a millionaire?  I tried to imagine it.  Philanthropy really appeals to me.  I can’t spend that much money by myself.  A century ago, a man named Charles Vilas gave lots of wonderful things to his beloved town, where I now live.  He gifted the town with a park, a school (originally a high school, now a middle school), and a sports field, as well as contributing to a bridge between New Hampshire and Vermont.  That sounds like something I would enjoy doing.

Last week, I also got an invitation from an email list I subscribe to, but only occasionally read, to take a 7-day Awakened Millionaire challenge.  This has been a lot of millionaire in a short time.  I guess I should pay attention.  I signed up for the challenge and saw that it is from Dr. Joe Vitale, whom I remembered from watching The Secret.  So today I was pondering something he said in the challenge.  Specifically, it was that money likes speed.  When you are presented with an opportunity, you need to act on it quickly.  Time after time after time, the Universe has offered me ways to get more money, but I either did not recognize them at the time, or I hesitated to act out of fear.

Fear keeps our desires at bay

Starting a business is scary, especially when you have very little capital to start with.  I do have a business name registered, and I have listed a few things up on Etsy which have since expired.  I have a bank account so clients can write checks to my business name.  That is about as far as I have gotten with it, though.  I did recently have one client, who called me out of the blue, and it was delightful to work with her.

I have read lots of advice about creating a course that I can sell online.  Ramit Sethi came across my radar and I subscribed to his emails for a short time before realizing that as fabulous as his material is, I’m not quite ready for it yet.  He has courses designed to teach you to create business ideas.  I kept rolling over in my mind what I might write a course about.  I could come up with nothing.  Then one day as I was sifting through old files on my computer, I came across a course that I had written years ago, an introduction to medieval astrology.

All my life, I have had ideas, tiny little inspirations, and I ignored them all because I was afraid to act on them.  The Universe was trying and trying to deliver my pizza and I kept locking the door and begging him to just bring me the pizza.  I need to get up and unlock the damn door.  I need to take action on the myriad ideas that have been gifted to me by the Universe so that I can let in the abundance I keep saying I want, yet keep pushing away.

What is the answer

I once heard it said that God always answers your prayers, but sometimes the answer is no.  I beg to differ.  God always says yes, but we don’t let the gifts into our lives.  We refuse to take the opportunities that are given us.  God helps those who help themselves.  We are just like the religious man in the parable of the flood, who refuses help from all who try to save him, then demands to know why God didn’t save him.

Your turn

This isn’t just about money.  It applies equally to relationships, career advancement, or any other area of life.  Have you been watching the floodwaters rise and sending away all the people who come to help you?  Or have you instead learned to unlock the door for the pizza delivery guy?  Share your story in the comments below.


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