Thankful for Knitting {Thankful Thursday}

Ah, Thursday.  A day to delight in our bounty.  In astrological terms, Thursday is ruled by the planet Jupiter, which represents abundance and growth.  This makes it the perfect day to think about thankfulness and count our blessings.  I am especially grateful today for the age old handwork of knitting.  

Knitting v. click bait

Knitting (and other handwork such as crochet, tatting, etc.) is a fantastic way to pass time.  You can make something practical, such as a hat, or something whimsical, such as a hedgehog, or something plain old naughty (adult content – you’ve been warned).  You can knit while watching TV, or riding the subway, or waiting for dinner to cook.  Knitting is a relaxing activity that is far more productive that surfing click bait.  Not that I know anything about the allures of click bait.  No, not I.  All I have to show for a night of click bait are sore eyes and a head lolling from fatigue.  After knitting, I have an actual physical thing to show for my time.  Something warm and cozy, and usually at least identifiable as something useful.

Health benefits

When knitting a simple pattern, it is very easy to get lost in the rhythmic clickety clack of the needles, and the flick of a wrist to wrap the yarn around the needle to make each stitch.  A more intricate pattern can help you focus on the here and now to make sure you get it right.  I find this can help me forget about worries for a while as I concentrate. Knitting is good for your health and for your personal vibration.  I even read the story years ago of a woman who used knitting to help heal a concussion.  She found it helped improve her sense of balance and crossing the midline helped heal her brain.  Knitting can also be grounding, helping to secure you in the here and now and connecting you to the long line of knitters back through history who took up needles and yarn to create wonderful things.


Just as with any hobby, knitting can be incredibly cheap or very expensive.  I like to consider my knitting tools as investments and I will happily spend $10-$20 on good knitting needles.  Good tools make the task so much more enjoyable, as does good yarn.  I prefer to use natural fibers, but I do have a large stash of cheap acrylic yarn.  The kids often plunder this stash for their various projects.


I love that knitting is versatile enough to be a charitable activity.  My church has a group called Shawls of Love who knit lovely shawls and baby blankets to commemorate births, deaths, marriages, divorces, medical crises, etc.  There are a vast number of charity organizations that accept donations.  I most recently picked up my needles when I saw that the Sacred Stone Camp needs winter hats as they look ahead to protecting the Missouri River during the winter months.  I may not be able to send them money, but I can send them some hats.

Your turn

Do you knit?  How about other crafts?  Tell us about your favorite handwork and why you love it in the comments.

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