Where to spend your food stamps

where to spend food stamps

Previously, we walked through the factors that determine how much food stamp assistance you receive.  We talked about different types of income, and about deductions, and how much you are expected to contribute to your own grocery budget.  We also previously talked about what kinds of food you can get with your benefits, and how to really make them work hard for you.  So now that you have food stamps, let’s take a look at where you can spend them.

Where not to spend food stamps

As their name implies, food stamps are used to buy food.  That is the simplest way to look at it.  However, not all Continue reading “Where to spend your food stamps”

How JOY killed my soul

How JOY killed my soul

What a crazy statement! Joy killed my soul? Not exactly. More precisely, it was JOY that killed my soul. Perhaps I should explain. I have noticed an epidemic of low self-esteem in our society. I believe there are many contributors to this problem, but I want to focus on one that I suspect is very influential. Let me start by saying that I have lots of friends who are religious, and very devout. My brother-in-law is a Lutheran minister, and another friend is a Catholic blogger. They are great people. I am not here to bash on Christianity or religion in general. It is just this one notion that I would like people to rethink.

Impressionable child

When I was a child, my parents took us Continue reading “How JOY killed my soul”

Thankful Thursday {An Abundance of Berries}

Abundance of berries

It’s Thursday again, which means it is time to count our blessings.  Today I am especially thankful for the great abundance of black raspberries that surround our property.  We live in the middle of our rural town on 3/4 of an acre (that is a whole other post for another week), and a good 75% or more of the perimeter is bordered by black raspberry canes.  So far I have picked a total of 12 quarts, plus two that my mother came over and picked.  We’re not done yet, and I have neglected picking for a couple of days now.  Overload has set in.

There are so many raspberries that I cannot possibly Continue reading “Thankful Thursday {An Abundance of Berries}”

What can you buy with food stamps?

What can you buy with food stamps

Food stamps are for food, right?  Well, yes, but there are exceptions.  It is generally well known that food stamps are used to buy groceries, but not all food is equally eligible.  There are certain places where you can use them, and places where you cannot, which we will cover in our next post.  Here we will go over some of the things you may never have thought of when planning your grocery budget.


The most efficient way to use your food stamps, if you have the time to invest in it, is to use them to purchase Continue reading “What can you buy with food stamps?”

Feeling better about Trump

Feeling better about Trump

Wow, Trump sure knows how to inspire people to passion, doesn’t he?  You either love him or loathe him.  I will be completely honest and say that the man who is running for president frightens me.  But here’s the thing — I don’t know if that is indeed the real Donald Trump.  There have been several little things that make me wonder just what the chances really are of a Trump presidency.

First hints in February

The first article that caught my attention was this one from the Bipartisan Report.  Here the author portrays Trump as merely the Continue reading “Feeling better about Trump”

Thankful Thursday {My kids are “starving”}

Thankful Thursday My Children are Starving

Welcome to the first of my Thankful Thursday series. Each week I post something for which I am thankful. Gratitude is an incredibly important aspect of living a happy and fulfilling life. It is key to success. Pollyanna was right — there is always something for which you can be thankful. Lest we forget that, every Thursday I share a post about something for which I am especially thankful.

Peanut Butter, Mmm….

Recently, A, who is barely 5 years old, asked me for a scoop of peanut butter for snack. She went and fetched a fresh jar of Continue reading “Thankful Thursday {My kids are “starving”}”

How are food stamps calculated?

Have you ever wondered how food stamps are calculated?  With so many families receiving assistance from the government in the form of food stamps these days, you may have wondered if you or someone you love is eligible.  You may have applied and received a letter of determination with a table of numbers that looked confusing.  I will walk you through the math as done in the state of New Hampshire (where I live) so you can better understand it and use that knowledge to your advantage.

 Disclaimer: This is not a substitute for visiting your local DHHS office. Continue reading “How are food stamps calculated?”

Climate Change, Incivility, and Clutter

climate change incivility clutter

Lots of horrible things happen in our world, and it seems as though there are more and more of them lately. Climate change seems to be reflected in our societal behavior, with more frequent and severe storms surprising us every time we turn around. People seem to be more rude to each other and uncivil in everyday interactions, just as the average temperature rises. But we also have our hurricanes and tornadoes that show up in society as mass shootings and other terrorist attacks. Continue reading “Climate Change, Incivility, and Clutter”