October has arrived {Thankful Thursday}

October is my favorite month.  As I drove around the state this past week running errands and such, I knew exactly what I wanted to write about for Thankful Thursday this week.  Here are some of the reasons I love October.


Some of my favorite people have birthdays in October.  My father, my best friend, and my son all began their lives in October. My son was even so thoughtful as to situate his birthday exactly half way between the other two.


October is when the weather really starts to cool off here in New England.  The nights get cold and it is time to take out the window fans.  The days vacillate between very crisp and very warm, with first frosts and what I grew up knowing as Indian Summer, summer’s last hurrah.  I can break out my sweaters and light jackets and not feel silly.  When I climb into bed, I like to stick my cold feet on my warm husband.  He isn’t so thrilled with that.  It is so delightful to go for a moonlit stroll with my beloved in the evening after we put the kids to bed.  I like to dress up in a cloak and imagine that we live in an age before cars when people still walked most places.


I love Halloween.  I love the creative costumes, and seeing all the kids dressed up and walking around the neighborhood.  Some people take their Halloween house decorating as seriously as their Christmas decorating.  The season of decorating has begun and it is beautiful.  Soon people will start feeling more charitable towards each other as the season of giving begins.  I suppose really Halloween starts the season of giving as we give treats out to all the children who come to our door.


Although I’m not a sports fan, two of my kids are enthusiastic soccer players.  L has been playing for 5 years now, and E has been playing for 3 years.  This is R’s second season, I believe.  She played once in elementary school, and then this year she joined the team at L’s request to help make sure there were enough players to field a full team.  L has been goalie for her team for two years now and does very well there.  E was goalie frequently last year in his town rec team, and this year he is playing a wider variety of positions.  L loves the game so much that when her team has no practice for some reason, she will practice with the boys’ team instead.  It is so fun to watch my children play a sport that they love so much.

Hot chocolate

Enough said.


I am blessed to live in New England, which is famed for it’s fall foliage.  The sumacs and sugar maples turn scarlet, the oaks turn brown.  The beeches and poplars brighten up to yellow, and the evergreens retain their dark green color.  I am just struck with awe every time I pass a swamp, which are the first to turn colors.

Your turn

What is your favorite month?  Why do you love it?

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