Feeling better about Trump

Wow, Trump sure knows how to inspire people to passion, doesn’t he?  You either love him or loathe him.  I will be completely honest and say that the man who is running for president frightens me.  But here’s the thing — I don’t know if that is indeed the real Donald Trump.  There have been several little things that make me wonder just what the chances really are of a Trump presidency.

First hints in February

The first article that caught my attention was this one from the Bipartisan Report.  Here the author portrays Trump as merely the ultimate manipulator, who is only interested in increasing his celebrity status and improving the ratings of his TV show. In this article and from the video at the end of it, we learn that Trump doesn’t really believe all the hatred that he is stirring up, that he is actually friends with the Clintons, believes in universal health care, and calls the Republicans “crazy”.  When I first saw this back in February, it brought me a lot of comfort.  I was relieved to think that he might not be serious about these horrible, hateful things he has said.

This information didn’t seem to garner a whole lot of attention from the media and it was soon forgotten.  Trump’s vitriol continued to gain steam, and then the next thing I knew, he was the presumptive nominee.  I felt betrayed by Cruz and Kasich when they dropped out of the race, leaving no one to stand between us and hate.  I tried to constantly remind myself of the axiom that where focus goes, energy flows.  Or what we think about we bring about.  Whenever I found myself worrying about Trump, I tried to steer my thinking towards Bernie.  If I wanted someone other than Trump, I needed to focus on someone I did want, and that was Bernie all the way.  I had even forgotten the above article, or had come to believe that it was wrong after all.

Doubt and relief rekindled

A few days ago, my husband told me of an article that suggested that Trump would resign from the presidency once he was elected.  Another wave of relief washed over me at this idea.  I remembered the article from February and felt much better.  That got me wondering, If he resigns, who will run the country?  Who will be his VP?  Could he just assign the presidency to whomever he chose?  Would he choose Hillary?  Are they really friends?


When Trump announced his choice of running mate, and I saw the logo, I burst out in giggles.  Like everyone else seemed to do, I thought it was an amusing ironic accident.  I have seen this logo interpreted a couple of ways, neither of which is favorable.  The first interprets the logo as toilet paper, and the second interpretation focuses more on the insertion of the T into the P, suggesting something far more sexual in nature.  The online world laughed at this unfortunate interpretation of a logo, but then I got to thinking.

Was it an accident?

Let’s be serious for a moment here.  Trump knows how to play the media.  He is no fool.  He is super savvy, regardless of anything else that is be said about him.  How is it even conceivable that this was a mistake that slipped through unnoticed until the media saw it?  I call BS on that.  There is no possible way that that many people could possibly have overlooked an interpretation that was so obvious to millions of people the moment it was released to the media.  I cannot believe that Trump’s campaign hired an artist who had no supervision and then released the image before they even saw it themselves.  I see no vindictiveness here, only cunning calculation.

This can only be a calculated move for Trump’s campaign.  I haven’t thought through exactly what the purpose is.  I’m not as savvy at manipulation as Trump is.  I suppose it could be to portray him foolishly so people will take him a little less seriously.  It could be to introduce more comedy to the political arena.  I don’t really know.  I just don’t believe that it was an accident.

Making America great again

No matter what happens in November, Trump has undeniably changed this country.  Perhaps he interprets his tagline differently than we have all assumed.  We are not as enlightened as we like to think we are, which we have long tried to ignore, and Trump is showing us that.  He has brought out our skeletons for all the world to see, and now we have to deal with them.  We can put it off no longer.  I do believe that Trump brings a revolution, perhaps one that really is overdue.  I don’t know how this revolution will play out, but hopefully we can choose the least painful way through, rather than the most.  I thought that would have been under the guidance of President Sanders, but that option seems to be no longer on the table.  Perhaps by dealing with our dark side, we can finally integrate it into our national character in a beneficial way.  We can make our country great again, not by going backwards, but by pushing through the muck that is ahead of us and coming out stronger and more united in the end.  It is only through trial that our strength is tested and reinforced.

Inner peace

I now feel much better about the idea of Trump winning the presidency.  No, I still don’t want it to happen, but I no longer feel threatened by it.  No matter what he has up his sleeve, the election of Trump will definitely create a spectacle, whether he resigns and leaves Pence to run the country (or Hillary, depending on when he resigns), or whether he sticks with it and claims the ultimate prize in politics.  From what I have read, his own party is disgusted with him, so I don’t think he will manage to do too much harm.  If Congress obstructs him as much as they have obstructed Obama, we might squeak through with some shred of national dignity intact.  I am trying to watch amused detachment to see where this all goes.  Easier said than done sometimes, but it is still my goal.

What perspectives help you feel better about this campaign season, no matter whom you support?  Do you agree with my husband that this is the most interesting campaign season ever?

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