Feeling better about Trump

Feeling better about Trump

Wow, Trump sure knows how to inspire people to passion, doesn’t he?  You either love him or loathe him.  I will be completely honest and say that the man who is running for president frightens me.  But here’s the thing — I don’t know if that is indeed the real Donald Trump.  There have been several little things that make me wonder just what the chances really are of a Trump presidency.

First hints in February

The first article that caught my attention was this one from the Bipartisan Report.  Here the author portrays Trump as merely the Continue reading “Feeling better about Trump”

Climate Change, Incivility, and Clutter

climate change incivility clutter

Lots of horrible things happen in our world, and it seems as though there are more and more of them lately. Climate change seems to be reflected in our societal behavior, with more frequent and severe storms surprising us every time we turn around. People seem to be more rude to each other and uncivil in everyday interactions, just as the average temperature rises. But we also have our hurricanes and tornadoes that show up in society as mass shootings and other terrorist attacks. Continue reading “Climate Change, Incivility, and Clutter”